Bread Flour
Bread Flour

Bread Flour

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Elevate your baking game to new heights with our stone-milled Hard Red Spring Wheat Flour. Discover the difference in flavor, texture and nutrition for yourself! 

Hard Red Spring Wheat offers high protein and high gluten strength, perfect for bread or other baking applications that require a strong and elastic dough. This variety has stood the test of time for quality milling and baking.

Packed with protein, this flour is perfect for creating bread with a chewy texture and a satisfying, substantial crumb. The increased protein content also makes it an ideal choice for sourdough and yeast-based recipes, enhancing the overall structure and rise of your baked goods.

Recipes to Inspire:

Bread. A beautiful boule of bread spread with butter or dipped in soup. 

Pasta. Is another great use of this flour given the high protein and gluten attributes.