Whole Grains from Wisconsin

Grown - Harvested - Milled
on our Family Farm

Hello, Grain Enthusiasts!

We're the Schnadts - welcome to our family farm and mill in Lodi, WI!

Rochelle and Evan are 4th & 5th generation farmers raising the next crop of farm kids and unique grains on our family farm.

We are proud to offer a variety of products from our farmstead mill, Heartland Craft Grains. Our farm implements a diverse crop rotation, intensive use of cover crops, and no-till practices to continue creating healthier soil, in turn growing nutrient dense and flavorful grains. Our goal is to inspire you with the ingredients we've grown to create an expression of the work and care that has gone into selecting the seed, raising the crop and harvesting it to find a place at your table. 

The crops are growing great and we are looking forward to harvesting a delicious and nutritious crop!

Rochelle & Evan Schnadt